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 A game for android devices


The Mission: Get the golden artifact from the maze.

Use the arrow keys to enter the maze. The labyrinth is rebuilt for each game and there is no map. The compass can be helpful for orientation. The only thing that is known: the safe with the artifact is located on the north side opposite the entrance. Where the key is located is not known. It is believed to be in an alcove of the labyrinth.

When you are in the labyrinth, you will encounter dangerous animals: a bear and three snakes. If they bite you, the game is over. Especially the snakes are very dangerous, they often sneak up unseen. Fortunately, sometimes you can hear the animals. You can stun the bear with the stun tip for about 90 sec and disable the snakes with the stun spray for about 60 sec.

When you find the key, stand right in front of it and tap the bag to take it.
When you find the safe, stand in front of it and tap the key in the bag to open it.
Now you can tap on the bag again to take the artifact.

When you leave the maze with the artifact, you have completed the mission.

At the end, the results of all games are saved in the statistics. Good luck!

The app is free and ad-free.

   Install Adventure Maze

If you don't want to download the app from Google Play, for whatever reason, you can also do it here.
Attention: the app is released from 7 years.

Download from this site: AdventureMaze

Download the file using your smartphone, open the Download folder and click on the AdventureMaze.apk file. The app will then be installed. If the smartphone says that the signature is not known, press Install anyway or something like that.

About me

My name is Hans-Ulrich Mährlen. I am a hobby coder and design games for Android devices.

Adventure Maze 2022.1.0 is my latest game developed for Android 11 API 30.
Other games are:

Solitaire Match, a classic solitaire that you play against the app - I like to play it myself.
PflasterPuzzle is a puzzle with different difficulty levels.

Since I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't always be disturbed while playing, these apps are ad-free. And free on top of that. I have fun designing apps, but a lot of work goes into them. Please honor this effort by making a donation. And if you like the app you might want to leave a positive comment on Google-Play.
And of course above all: please recommend the app to others, as a non-profit amateur it is hard to make the app known.

Comments, questions, suggestions, praise, criticism - please eMail me!

Thank you for your interest in the app. I would be happy if you like it.

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