Do you want to play Solitaire against me? We'll play the same game one after the other and then see who solved it better.

I can play Solitaire quite well. I am looking forward to playing with you.

Solitaire MatchHere you can download the game from Google Play

And here you can download it directly from this site.
Download the file using your smartphone, open the Download folder and click on the
solitaire-match5.apk file. The app will then be installed. If the smartphone says that the signature is not known, press Install anyway or something like that.

But now about the game! Here are the rules:
To display cards in the upper-left stack, tap the stack.To move a card to one of the stacks, drag the card. Build the row stacks in descending order, from King to two, alternating between red and black cards.
You can move a King to an empty row stack.
Build the suit stacks at the top in ascending order, from Ace to King.
You win the game when all cards are in the suit stacks.

And here is the scoring system:
10 points for each card moved to a suit stack.
5 points for each card moved from the deck to a row stack.
5 points for each card turned face-up in a row stack.
-15 points for each card moved from a suit stack to a row stack.
Time is not taken into account because I am much faster than any human.

You start. Move the cards according to the rules and place them on a stack. If the move is not allowed, the card flies back to the starting position.
Cards that can be placed on the suit stack are placed directly by the program (Auto moves). Of course you can switch off this function.
You can place a card on a suite stack by double-clicking on it.
If you don't succeed, press   I give up   to end the game.

Now I start to play the same game. Of course I only know the cards I have seen once and of course I play with the same program as you.
Speed: By tapping on "+" or "-" you can change my playing speed to either get a result quickly or to watch my play better.
When I have finished, you can see the total result.

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Solitaire Match copyright by Hans-Ulrich Mährlen 2021 - 2022

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