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TROP is a quick game for in between.

You have to separate the molecules of two gases. It starts slowly with 6 molecules, but from level to level it gets faster and the number of molecules increases.

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The situation: The Device running TROP
The molecules of two gases are in a hot box. The hotter the box, the faster the gases move. The box is separated by a wall in which is an open gate.

The task:
Sort the molecules of the gases so that there is only one gas in each area of the box. To sort the molecules, tap on a molecule. You can then move it, stop it or throw it away. Press the close icon to close the gate when the gases are separated. Do not close the gate if there is a molecule in it.
When the wall is closed and there is only one kind of gas in each area, the level is solved.
You will now be asked if you want to finish the game and save the result in the highscores. But then a new game starts and you can\'t get to the next level. On the other hand, you can fail at the next level and what you have achieved so far is lost.
You have three trials to reach the highest possible level.
When you save the game, you must have a nickname to enter your score in the Global Top 100.

TROP can only be played in portrait mode, because tilting the view changes the position of the molecules.

There are two modes:
In the game mode you have one minute to complete the task. Once you have done that, you move on to the next level, in which the speed and the number of molecules increase alternately.
In training mode you can set the number of molecules and the temperature/speed to practice. You can make these settings in the menu . In training mode, the time is not limited.

Start the game or your training by pressing the run button . You can interrupt any game by pressing the pause - button , the time will stop.

The menu:The menu
Info / Help: This page.
High scores: The sorted results of all saved games.
Nickname: Enter or change here your Nickname.
Toggle between play or train mode:
In play mode you can start a new game.
In train mode you can set the temperature / speed with a slider and enter the number of molecules from 4 to 500 below.
Donate: You like to play this game, so I am sure you are willing to donate something for it.
About: About this game.
Close: If you press here, all settings made in the menu will be discarded. You can continue from where you left off.

About me:
My name is Hans-Ulrich Mährlen. I am a hobby coder and design games for Android devices.

TROP 2023.1.0 is my latest game developed for Android 11 API 30.
Other games are:
Solitaire Match, a classic solitaire that you play against the app - I like to play it myself.
Adventure Mace - an labyrinth adventure.

Since I am of the opinion that you should not always be disturbed while playing, these apps are ad-free.
And free on top of that.

I have fun designing apps, but a lot of work goes into them. Please honor this effort by making a donation. And if you like the app you might want to leave a positive comment on Google-Play And of course above all: please recommend the app to others, as a non-profit amateur it is hard to make the app known.

Comments, questions, suggestions, praise, criticism - please eMail me!

Thank you for your interest in the app. I would be happy if you like it.

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